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Is this really your plan in case
something goes wrong???

With Satellite SOS, help is
on its way within seconds!
Why satellite SOS is your best way out of trouble?
Think if something goes wrong...!!
Nature can be surprisingly strong and unpredictable – things can go wrong, even if you planned right!
You have mobile phone but... do you have coverage?
Did you know that in most of the 3rd world countries mobile coverage is available only in/close to the city?
Definitely in mountain ranges it is common to have limited/no coverage due to high topography!
Can you walk to the next cabin or village?
Probably not!
If you really need help you probably can not walk to the next inhabited place!
Other travelers can help - are there any around?
Sometimes someone is around, sometimes not. Is it really wise to trust your life on it?!
Does your situation allows you to wait?
Even if you do believe that some other traveller will come to your help, you might be in pain or life risk! Do you have the tieme to wait?!
Satellite SOS button!
satellite SOS provides the only immediate, 100% reliable, solution if something goes wrong! whenever and wherever you need it!
So don't trust your luck!
take one of satellite SOS devices with you!
+46-77 5888191
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