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satellite messenger
Communication based on messages
Satellite messenger allows you to easily send and recieve messages using a device that combine robust GPS and communication abilities. Satellite messenger is made for hiking and expeditions - long lasting battery, navigation functions, topographic maps and more..
Satellite messenger is lighter, stronger, and cheaper than the alternative of satellite phone, but comes without voice call.
starting from 39 kr/day
satellite phone
Communication based on text and voice call
Satellite phone is suitable for people who can not/will not compromise voice call.
In mountains region and northern latitude the best choice is IRIDIUM network due to the topographic conditions and angle to the satellites.
Satellite phone battery last shorter and it cost more compare to satellite messenger, but allows voice call.
Starting from 145 kr/day
When should we choose satellite messenger / satellite phone?
Long or short travel?
If it is long travel satellite messenger is the best cost effective choice and the communication cost included in the basic package.
Alone or in a group?
If you hike alone or in small group satellite phone can be expensive while when travelling in large group the cost can be divided and satellite phone can be considered.
Hike or extreme adventuer?
If you are going for a simple adventure on-next to trails satellite messenger is a good solution, but if it is extreme expedition you are on the way to..satellite phone can be considered.
Charging options?
Since satellite messenger has very long lasting battery it is a good choice when you can not charge your satellite device too often.
Satellite messenger is my choice, but Which model?
InReach MINI small in size BUT large in performance
InReach MINI is the latest model from GARMIN and perfect if you want minimal size and weight but yet smart satellite device.
We recommend InReach MINI to all hikers that do not need the toppographic map and wants satellite device that can fit to the pocket.
The advantage is the size and battery (last 2-3 weeks of usage), the downside is that the menu is all text based (without icons)
For ease of use InReach MINI can be connected to smartphone and GARMIN watch and GPS.
InReach EXPLORER is Larger than InReach MINI in size and weight but includes topographic maps and barometric altimeter.
InReach EXPLORER provides extra level of safety and can be use to find your trail and navigate in harsg weather condition
We recommend InReach EXPLORER for hikers that can use topographic map and appriciate high preformance battery.
Zoleo will turn your phone into satellite messenger with the ZOLEO mobile APP.
ZOLEO sends and receives messages via the Iridium global satellite network when you’re outside of cellular coverage.The ZOLEO app seamlessly messages via cellular when its available. So the ZOLEO is automatically switching between mobile and satellite according to availability.
We recommend ZOLEO is you know you can have your mobile phone charged and available during your activity.
One way satellite communication! it means that you can only send SOS but can not communicate.
Spot will allow you to say that you are OK or not - but without knowing what is the situation it is very hard to assist you. Furthermore SPOT use globalstar satellite network which is much less reliable than IRIDIUM network.
The only benefit of spot is that it includes unlimited data, so if you must report your location every 10 minutes SPOT can be a good option.
We do not recommend SPOT for hiking.
PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) as its name is only a beacon.
Un like SPOT that can atleast send ALL OK messages, PLB allows only to send an allert that you have SOS. You can not communicate with PLB at all!
We do not recommend PLB becuse it do not allow communication.
Satellite phone is my choice, but Which model?
ISATPHONE 2 is the latest handheld model from INMARSAT satellite network.
INMARSAT satellite network is reliable, cheaper compare to IRIDIUM and SATPHONE 2 is reliable device with very strong battery.
BUT - Inmarsat satellites are gestationary and will not work well in latitude over and bellow 65 deg and has problem when hiking in high mountain ranges due to the topography.
We do not recommend INMARSAT ISATPHONE 2 for hikes in scandinavia, canada, alaska, north Asia and high mountains.
IRIDIUM EXTREME is the most advanced satellite phone from IRIDIUM, the largest satellite network in the world.
IRIDIUM has orbital satellites which means that topography can only cause temporary loss of coverage (since the satellite move) and it provides 100% global coverage.
In southern and northern latitudes and in mountains region IRIDIUM is the opnly reliable option and IRIDIUM EXTREME is a small, light and durable satellite phone.
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