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Satellite SOS by phone or by messenger
Satellite SOS by messenger
Satellite messenger allows Two ways (send & receive) text communication. It is small, lightweight device with extremely strong battery that was made to last for weeks.
Satellite messenger is the best choice for you who can compromise voice calls for robust lightweight economical solution.
Starting from 39 Kr/day
Satellite SOS by phone
Satellite phone allows voice calls in addition to text communication. It is slightly larger than messenger and cost more.
Satellite phone is the best choice for you who cannot, would not or should not compromise a voice phone call.
Starting from 60 Kr/day
Satellite sos can save your life in many ways
Satellite SOS in Swedish mountains
Planning ski, touring or snowmobile this winter? OR maybe hiking in the summer?
Most of Scandinavian mountain range is scarcely covered by mobile. With Satellite SOS you are sure to get help right when you need it.
Satellite SOS for travelers around the globe
All around the globe, when stepping out of the city, mobile network becomes unreliable. Satellite SOS make sure you can get help whenever and wherever you need it.
You can also spare worries at home by letting them know that you are OK.
Satellite SOS for extreme adventures
Nothing is more rewarding and dangerous than reaching the extreme. Obviously, this is the place where you need satellite SOS the most...
We make sure that if something goes wrong, there is always a way out!
Satellite SOS for workers in remote areas
Working in remote forest? at sea? or any other place where mobile coverage is unreliable? Satellite SOS provides ways to communicate regularly and to send for help if needed.
Satellite SOS for hunting & fishing
Hunting season - you waited for that! but so did the others. Communicate with team members, see where they are and get help if needed.
Fishing trip - quiet and calm, away from civilization...that's why you like fishing! Take Satellite SOS device with you to make sure you also come back to civilization!
Satellite SOS for sailing
Satellite phone is a known "must" at sea. Satellite SOS adds the important value of connecting you directly to the rescue center, including your exact location - you just neet to press the SOS button and they come to you.
Satellite SOS for trail running
Run in the Swedish mountain landscape and experience nature in new way! While walking in the mountains has it risks, running in the mountains makes the risk much higher. That is why we recommend Inreach mini for mountain run.
Inreach mini is a small and light device that gives you 100% coverage in case something goes wrong.
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