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Gröna bandet Inreach SE review
June 10, 2019

Gröna Bandet – hiking with a dog through the Swedish mountains

I spent 50 days of hiking through the Swedish mountains (within a small part in Norway) from a southern village Grövelsjön up north to Treriksröset. (meeting point of 3 Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden, Finland.).
It has been my first long distance hiking expedition.
I went with my dog Brock from a dog kennel in Sweden where I use to work during the winter seasons. I had a very terrifying incident in a river in the beginning but I managed to pull myself together and after 3 days of rest (at the same time I also had a swollen Achille tendon), I got some recovery, new energy and motivation to continue in our journey. During the resting time I had a visit from Torkel (a founder of Gröna/Vita Bandet) and we had quite a long talk which really helped me. I have decided to continue and came back on the track.
I was using an InReach satellite messenger which I rented from Fjällcom. It was the first time I was using satellite device. Except the most important SOS button it also has many other functions. For example, you can track your rout and share your location with other people if you want to. I must say I was actually quite skeptic about that because of privacy but after some time I changed my mind and started to track our way. I found out that it can be nice to have the saved rout for the future and people I met on my way were actually very interested in Gröna bandet. The map of my hike can also be useful for other hikers who may hike Gröna bandet in the future.
To conclude, I was very pleased with the device.
Also, for my parents and friends it was quite fun to follow my steps. Other function I used a lot was preset messages. When I was out of signal for a long time, I could send a message for example to my parents that I am ok, and they received it by email. It is another clever toy which you can really play further if you want... It can also be very useful to get information about the weather.
The good thing with two ways communication (compared to SPOT which is one-way communication) is that you can also receive messages and not only send preset.
I was very pleased with the inreach device and Fjällcom service. I would really recommend all the adventurer to be safe in the mountains and use Inreach satellite device.
I would like to also express big thanks to Oded and Fjällcom for a very pleasant communication and support.

Happy days and I wish all of you good luck on your adventures.

If anyone is interested in my and Brock´s journey you can visit my Instagram:
For more info or you can pm me if you have some questions.

Kateřina Turbaková
+46-77 5888191
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